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iFlyRestoration was created based on the experiences that I have had working for a national device repair company and witnessing the deficiencies of their shops located in malls across America. I always felt that the customer’s needs are number one and the idea should be to save people time, money, and most of all, further issues.

I decided to start iFlyRestoration because I was not happy with the overall customer service, poor quality of repair parts, and the inexperience of employees at other mobile device, repair companies. Although I was extremely successful working for one of these companies because of my devotion to customer service, I personally could not continue to charge customers knowing the low quality of the parts and poor customer service that the other mobile device repair companies provide. Therefore I took matters into my own hands and iFlyRestoration was formed.

I can assure you that when dealing with iFlyRestoration, you will be dealing with a knowledgeable mobile repair technician who has experience, not someone who has little to no experience repairing these expensive phones, tablets and computers.

With iFlyRestoration you can visit us at our headquarters or we can come to you and repair your device in our customized mobile repair workshops. You can be certain that we will do our best to provide the mobile device repair services that you need. At iFlyRestoration we strive to make our customers happy by repairing their mobile devices quickly and conveniently.

David Salvi

200 Great Road, Suite 201 (Second Floor)
Bedford, MA 01730

(617) 872-5627

iFly Restoration Owner, Dave Salvi